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Source CRM System Feature List :

The Customer Management Module incorporates all clients and contacts information. The module allows users to create any individuals. It is equipped with a powerful search engine.

l Capture the basic data of each individual clients

l User can define their own set of Business Type, Business Categories, deployed services and so on

Sophisticated Security Control can limit the access to each individual customer record on both Record Level and Field Level.

The Sales Force Automation Module (SFA) can help to trace each sales lead from the early Tele-marketing stage to the case closed. All the in and out data / information will be kept trace by the system. Sales Reminder Engine will prompt the salesperson to follow up the opening cases which can minimize the whole lead time.
l Sales Track Record system indicates all the sales status of each sales lead.

l Tele-marketing Group can easily perform their sales calling by the scripting interface.

l Auto Sales Reminder Engine prompts and emails to the salesperson to trace on any single sales lead.

l Follow Up Task Sub-Module helps the salesperson to retrieve and update all their cases directly

l Sales Forecast can help the Senior Management to project the Sales figure for the coming month / year

l Evaluation Report can be generated based on each individual salesperson, customer category or selling products

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