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Source Content Management System

  • The SOURCE Content Management System is completely web based and can be accessed from anywhere you have a connection to the Internet. The only requirement for content authoring is Internet Explorer 8.0 or greater.
  • As a content author you will have access to an interface very similar to a word processor. The rich editing interface allows you to change font, size and type. You can change text justification, and add numbered or bulleted lists.
  • Adding links to an external site or internal file is just as easy. Whether it is a web page, pdf file, or excel spreadsheet you simply click the filename and the rest is taken care of.
  • What about images? Inserting images is also easy. You will be able to select from a listing of image / pdf / excel files available for insertion.
  • We utilize templates to provide a flexible and configurable web site. Using templates enables the content that makes up the site to remain consistent throughout site redesigns and template changes.
  • Developing a template couldn't be easier. There are no special tags to insert and most page templates can be defined in under 20 minutes. The key is separting the graphic elements, menus, and content that make up each page.
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