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Source Contact System Feature List :

The Source Contact System help the client easily spend out BULK emails by selecting the Email Layout and Campaign. The system can keep track each email status and expand the customer email database by the Email Forwarding Function.

l Prepare and Select the Email Layout

l Import and update the customer email database anytime before or after the email sending

l Define the Campaign by specify the Start Date, Time, Email Batch Size and the desired Customer Emails

l The system will perform the Email Merge by insert the customer information such as Customer Name, Email Address Coupon Number, etc and send out the email by several small batch size

l The system will keep track each email status which can report to the Campaign Creator the Email Open Rate, Email Click Rate, Link Click Rate, Email Forwarding Rate, Invalid Email List as well as the newly subscribe customer rate

l The web interface can also allow the email receiver to perform the un-subscribe function directly

Hong Kong Production Council (HKPC) has make a interview with our SourceContact.Net Email Marketing Platform at Sep, 2005. You can click here to have the whole detail (PDF Format).

Our Source Contact System can be used as SUBSCRIPTION Base.

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