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Source Catalog System Feature List :

  • Private Show Room which allow the user to show the product just for their VIP members.
  • Online PDF Generator which can streamline the Information Publication.
  • All the uploaded images can be added with the company logo as watermark.
  • Automatic image resize function easily help to user to publish the product information by using upload One Single Image File per each prodcut. The system will then re-size to suitable format for display such as thumbnail image, medium image as well as large image.
  • Support categories / sub-categories. It allows defining the products clearly.
  • Support different files types, JPG/GIF, PDF, Flash, AVI,etc. It allows using animation or music to present the products.
  • Support Searching. You can simply enter a keyword text for fast searching.
  • Support Slide Shows. It allows a fancy and automatic slide show without clicking on the web, working like the Powerpoint presentation.
  • Administrator Interface for updating and uploading description / photos. It allows uploading the photos and updating the description without knowing the HTML skills.
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