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Web design, Web site design, graphic design, catalog design, Flash animation design - we make quality design works. Services also include web hosting, promotion, email marketing, web product photo-shooting, web application programming, web portal development, online shop, ecommerce, CRM, search engine optimization (SEO), printing etc.
Source 網頁設計公司 - 網站設計, 遊戲設計, Flash動畫設計 - 我們提供高質專業的設計. 服務更包括網頁寄存, 市場推廣, 網上推廣, 電郵推廣, 拍攝產品相片, 網頁程式, 網站製作, 網站建立及維護, 網上商店, 網上購物, 電子商貿系統, 資訊科技方案, 網上程式, 企業資源管理, 客戶關係管理, 搜尋器最佳化
We are a one-stop design, marketing and I.T. service company in Hong Kong. Our services are comprehensive. Since our establishment, our designers and consultants have successfully offered consultation on design concepts, marketing strategies and enterprise resources planning to clients from different industries round the globe, and effectively helped them upgrade brand value, increase business volume, and save unnecessary marketing and management costs. To know more details, please click through our services and portfolio
Source Technology 提供設計、市場推廣及資訊科技等服務。我們位處香港,但服務無分疆界,為世界各地不同種族,文化背景及理念的客戶服務。 憑藉我們這個設計師和技術顧問專業團隊,我們可以助你公司建立合適的形象,推廣你的產品及服務, 使其在你的客戶對象中留下深刻印象,及為你公司減省成本。我們有能力助你早日成功,但更重要的,是我們全心全意地為你服務。

web design, graphic design

Services Design Effectiveness is our major concern. We are more than just designing wonderful graphics and animations. Instead, we give you complete design solutions regarding your corporate identity and imaging: All the things that make you stand out from your competitors with brilliant image and impression. Our design services include: Company Website Design Product Catalog Design Advertisement Design Mass E-mail Design Marketing Sound marketing strategies can ensure wide and accurate exposure of your products and services to target customers. With well-planned strategies, you can open up new markets and avoid wasting money on ineffective marketing channels. Our services include: Brand Building and Management Market Positioning Consultation Advertising Channel Management Event Organization and Management Mass Mailing Services Gifts and Premiums Sourcing I.T. Services Our expertise on web programming and other I.T. services adds profound value to our design and marketing plans. We can design a number of web programs to establish online shopping platforms and large scale portals, organize and manage online data, perform statistics analyses, and streamlining quotation and enquiry procedures. Our I.T. services include: Comprehensive Web Programs Tailor-made Programs Online Shopping Systems Portal Production and Maintenance Professional Web Hosting and Maintenance Services in Hong Kong and China are right here to ensure consistent and high quality service. Quality is always our top priority and this is why we can satisfy the requirements of large corporations.

Professional website design and graphic design

網頁設計, 網站設計, 廣告設計

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Source offers marketers unique business-to-business online advertising solution to reach their most important customers with our latest technology and advertising packages to accommodate different marketing needs. To learn more about how to get more value for your advertising dollars, please contact our advertising representative ( and get some real online results on SOURCE!

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